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Welcome to Exclusive Image Tax Service

Tax is the bloodline of the government. Filing and paying such tax is an obligation of every citizen and corporation. When you are having difficulties with tax preparations and other tax issues, our team of experienced tax professionals can help.

Our services are designed to assist you with a range of situations, including preparing tax returns, both current and prior year, and making tax settlements with the IRS. Through our expertise and years of experience in the field, we strive hard to give every client the best possible outcomes when it comes to fulfilling their tax obligations.

File Your Taxes on Time

Filing your taxes on time can help you avoid the penalties, charges, and other negative situations associated with late filing. We provide assistance with the tax filing process so you can have a peace of mind early on.


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Our Mission Statement

To help EVERY CLIENT achieve their tax goals and stay ahead of their tax obligations.



Our services cover multiple tax areas so we can help you in achieving your tax goals, whether they may be personal or corporate. We thoroughly study your tax situation and provide the following, as needed:

  • 01 Tax Preparation

    We prepare tax returns in compliance with tax laws but with great benefit to you.[Click Here ›]

  • 02 Prior Year Tax Filings

    Our team will help you in filing tax returns that should have been filed the year before.[Click Here ›]

  • 03 Tax Settlements

    We can assist you in settling your tax debt with the IRS through an acceptable arrangement.[Click Here ›]

  • 04 Payment Plans

    Identifying the best IRS payment plan for your situation is a service we can offer you.[Click Here ›]