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About Us

Our years’ worth of experience and education enable us to give you expert assistance with your tax issues. Our commitment to our field allow us to meet your tax needs.

Exclusive Image Tax Service is a tax company dedicated to helping our clients with their tax issues. We always strive to maintain consistency in the delivery of our services, providing expert assistance to a diverse client base, ranging from ordinary taxpayers to high profile corporations. We treat everyone equally as VIPs. With us, every client is given the same quality of tax service they deserve.

Established in 2008, we have built a solid reputation in helping our clients in staying ahead of their tax obligations through our tax services. These services are personalized to address the tax needs of every client. You can be sure that our staff, composed of professionals with over 20 years of tax experience, will discuss your situation with you, understand it, and aid you in finding the best outcome for your tax issues.

  • Our Mission
    To help EVERY CLIENT achieve their tax goals and stay ahead of their tax obligations.
  • Bio of Owner
    The establishment of Exclusive Image Tax Service will not be possible without the headstrong commitment of Mr. Earnest Smith. He is a Certified Tax Preparer, ERO (Electronic Return Originator) and listed with the IRS. With decades of education and tax experience, he is well-versed in tax preparation along with the different scenarios arising from the process. He is dedicated to his field; our staff looks up to him when rendering services that are beneficial to our clients.

We have several services to help resolve your tax issues. To talk to our staff, kindly contact 281-832-1362. You may also proceed with a consultation online.